Despite Houston facing several historic challenges over the past several years, including Hurricane Harvey and other flood events, a worldwide pandemic, and the Uri freeze, Sue has been unrelenting in her focus on HISD kids. In her tenure as District V Trustee, she has followed through on her commitment to lay a solid foundation for better board governance, increase transparency and accountability, and improve retention of high-quality teachers. 

HISD Accomplishments:

  • Reformed Governance
    • Stabilized the district by hiring a permanent superintendent
    • Established Board Operating Procedures to standardize the way the Board conducts its business, including increasing public transparency
    • Led HISD as one of the first districts in the state to enact emergency priorities during Covid-19 to ensure the continued learning of students while protecting the health and safety of students and employees 
  • High quality teaching and learning 
    • Expanded high-quality Pre-K
    • Supported access to fine arts opportunities for all students
    • Increased teacher salaries to be competitive with surrounding districts
    • Closed the digital divide by ensuring all students had access to learning technology at home
    • Supported the expansion of wraparound services for students
  • Bold Vision
    • Led the effort to create an ambitious five year plan to improve literacy, math skills, and college and career readiness for ALL students
  • Fiscal Stewardship
    • Reformed the Audit Committee and championed a performance audit of all district functions to ensure we’re spending every taxpayer dollar efficiently, effectively, and for the maximum benefit of students
    • Completed a certification program in Education Finance at Georgetown University

HISD Leadership:

  • Board President – 2020
  • Board Representative to Council for Great City Schools – 2021
  • Harvard Business School certification in Accelerating Board Capacity – 2021
  • Governance Leadership Program with Council for Great City Schools – 2021
  • HISD Foundation Board – 2020
  • School Safety and Security Committee – 2020
  • Public Facility Corporation Board – 2020
  • Assistant Secretary – 2019
  • Policy Committee – 2019
  • Audit Committee – 2018 and 2019
  • Budget Committee – 2018
  • Legislative Committee – 2018, 2019, and 2021