Sue Deigaard was the first person in her family to graduate from college. Even though her dad dropped out of high school, her parents always understood the value of a strong education. They used their limited dollars to find the most affordable housing zoned to the best possible schools. Thanks to the choices they made, Sue received an excellent education in the public school system, which prepared her to attend Rice University, graduate with two degrees, and become a tireless advocate for the next generation of students.

Now her daughters are enrolled in excellent HISD schools. Their schools have strong principals, effective teachers, and enriching educational programs. Unfortunately, not every student in HISD is receiving the same educational experience. Sue believes ALL students should have access to the same high quality education her children have.

Sue’s vision for the future of HISD is simple: prepare all students to succeed in college and career. To accomplish this, we must create a culture of student achievement that recognizes the unique potential of each individual student. Student should leave HISD not only with a diploma, but should graduate with a love for learning and with the knowledge and skills he or she will need to succeed in our ever-changing world.

Houston’s children are the future of our great city. They deserve leaders who will improve the quality of their education and ensure they have equitable access to rich learning opportunities. They deserve leaders who will develop their strengths and provide support to address their challenges. They need leaders who will put their interests first, who will act with integrity and transparency, and who will recognize that all kids, regardless of their zip code, deserve the opportunity to achieve their greatest potential. They need leaders who are fiscally responsible to ensure that your tax dollars are invested fairly and effectively. They need leaders who create the kind of school culture where teachers want to work, students want to learn, and parents want to engage. Most importantly, our children need leaders who work across their differences to be collaborative and innovative, who will develop HISD into a national model for 21st Century urban districts. Sue is that leader for our students.