Re-elect Sue Deigaard for HISD District 5 Trustee

Sue has proven her leadership as an HISD Trustee

As HISD District 5 trustee Sue fought for

  • Retaining high-quality teachers
  • Teacher Raises
  • Expanding high-quality Pre-K
  • Developed a 5 year plan to improve on literacy, math skills and college and carrer readiness
  • Improve services and access for special education students
  • Ensured all students had access to learning technology at home
  • Exapnded wraparound services for students
  • Supported the availability for fine arts programs for students

Reformed Governance

  • Stabilized HISD by hiring a permanent superintendent
  • As HISD Board President established the Board Operating Procedures
  • Led HISD in the development of a COVID-19 plan to provide a healthy and safe environment for HISD students and district employees

Financial Stewardship

  • Reformed the Audit Committee
  • Holding HISD accountable for using taxpayer’s dollars effectively, efficiently, and to maximize the return on invest
  • Received certification in Education Finance from Georgetown University