As your HISD District V Trustee, Sue Deigaard has followed through on her commitment to improve teaching and learning for all students, lay a solid foundation for better board governance, and increase financial transparency and accountability.  Most importantly, Sue has shown an unrelenting focus on our children’s future, always looking to improve HISD.

“Deigaard has the knowledge, dedication to students and commitment to transparency that HISD needs. We urge District V voters to support her reelection.”
Houston Chronicle, Endorsement, October 11, 2021

Houston GPS has endorsed Sue Deigaard for HISD District V Trustee because they believe that she best represents their five core values: impact, equity, stewardship, collaboration, and leadership.
– 2021 Houston ISD Elections Endorsements, August 30, 2021

 “You’d be hard pressed to find anyone more prepared for any election….For more than a decade, Deigaard has been an advocate for public education.”
Houston Chronicle, Endorsement, October 13, 2017